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Balancing Cardinality & Cost to Optimize Observability

Back in the day, monitoring was simple. Proprietary monitoring agents sent infrastructurelevel metrics like CPU-usage and another agent sent logs to a syslog server to trawl for error messages. However, as applications moved from virtual machine-based monoliths to cloud native microservice architectures running in the cloud, understanding the application and system state became much more […]

4 ways Datadog is taking a bite out of your budget

Datadog is a highly popular monitoring and security platform for infrastructure and applications. It’s also a very expensive one when you add up all of its extras. Here are four reasons why you might consider transitioning away from Datadog. Download 4 ways Datadog is taking a bite out of your budget Whitepaper

Forget HDDs and SSDs, DNA storage could be the only answer to our data troubles

A new report has shed light on the extent of the dilemma facing organizations as the demand for data storage capacity continues to skyrocket. Published jointly by Fujitsu and Twist Bioscience, both of which operate in the archival storage market, the report(opens in new tab) predicts the gap between available storage capacity and demand will […]