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Cybersecurity And Risk Management In The Internet Of Things

A broad and vast network of devices connected to the internet is the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this vision, the IoT connects nearly every aspect of life—whether that’s cardiac rhythm monitoring in the home for greater health support, traffic management to alleviate congestion and air quality monitoring and decrease air pollution, […]

How to Build a Risk Management Plan

7 STEPS TO AGILE RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE AGE OF DISRUPTION The face of risk has never been more amorphous and elusive. Because the same technologies driving the digital revolution—AI, machine learning, and 5G—are also elevating the sophistication of cyber attacks. SolarWinds underscored the obsolescence of traditional, reactive approaches to risk management. And the pandemic […]

5 Best Practices for Improved Risk Management

WITH DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION HAPPENING AT LIGHTNING SPEED, KEEP YOUR RISK IN CHECK Over the past couple of years, many organizations have taken a “transform first, ask (security) questions later” approach in order to keep up with digital transformation demands. This not only increased the threat surface (think remote work, new supply chain channels and hybrid […]

5 Steps To Reduce the Web of Uncertainty in Third-Party Risk Management

THE COMMON APPROACH TO TPRM IS BROKEN, A FRESH TAKE IS NEEDED Businesses around the globe need to consider a systematic and digital-first approach to third-party risk management (TPRM) to catalog, classify and manage all third-party relationships across the organization. Only when you’re able to identify and mitigate risk throughout the lifecycle of the relationship […]

Best Practices to Mitigate Vendor Risk Within Your Supply Chain

Vendor risk management (VRM), the process of identifying, analyzing, monitoring, and mitigating risks posed by third-party vendors, is only as good as the due diligence you put into it. That means risk assessments for every supplier, contractor, or vendor you do business with. And with supply chain attacks at 27 third-party vendors impacting 137 U.S. […]

How Small Businesses Can Implement Disaster Recovery as a Service

Businesses face a wide variety of threats to their data, including data breaches caused by cybercriminals and natural disasters that physically damage IT infrastructure. In the event of data loss, the ability to recover data becomes vital for businesses to minimize downtime and further losses. Yet, many businesses still lag in this regard: According to […]