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Next-Gen Media-Buying AI Eliminates The Privacy Versus Performance Trade-Off

The apocalyptic headlines about cookie deprecation and the shift toward privacy have slowed somewhat ­– but don’t get too comfortable. Regulators around the world remain emphatic about privacy, big ad tech still plans big deprecation and a cookieless future for ad tech will be here before you know it. But this is no apocalypse. It’s a new dawn for digital marketing – defined by the possibilities that a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies create.

AI is already enabling smarter, more sophisticated scaled media-buying decisions for advertisers in digital marketing – unlocking productivity and profitability opportunities just as we’ve seen AI do in other industries.

Now, with cookie deprecation looming, AI gives digital marketers new optimization methods that eschew PII and cross-site tracking while delivering superior marketing results. Best of all, AI creates these new opportunities from within your existing ad tech stack.

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