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Magic Transit Reference Architecture and Use Cases

Cloudflare Magic Transit provides DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. With data centers spanning 200 cities and over 37 Tbps in mitigation capacity, Magic Transit can detect and mitigate attacks close to their source of origin within 0-3 seconds (and less than 10 seconds on average) — all while routing […]

Why Does Building Better DDoS Protection Matter?

Why Does Building Better DDoS Protection Matter? DDoS attacks have been part of the landscape for so long they can sometimes be overlooked as a threat. And because they are cyclical, an organization and its peers may not face an attack for years, making them easier to dismiss. If you haven’t tested your mitigation capability […]

GigaOm Radar for DDoS Protection

Cloudflare ranked higher than any other assessed vendor and is named a “Leader” and “Fast-mover” in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for DDoS Protection report. Among the included vendors, Cloudflare also received the furthest placements for “Platform Play” and “Maturity”. Cloudflare DDoS Protection includes Cloudflare Magic Transit, which protects against layer 3 DDoS attacks. It also […]