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Work Wonders with Smart Data Capture

Save money and accelerate your business productivity by making data capture easy, efficient, and effective. Understanding your retail business’ data will enable you to better its operations. With the right tools, you can unlock the true potential of your data. Samsung’s Galaxy devices, in combination with Scandit Smart Data Capture, will help turn your business […]

Next-Gen Media-Buying AI Eliminates The Privacy Versus Performance Trade-Off

The apocalyptic headlines about cookie deprecation and the shift toward privacy have slowed somewhat ­– but don’t get too comfortable. Regulators around the world remain emphatic about privacy, big ad tech still plans big deprecation and a cookieless future for ad tech will be here before you know it. But this is no apocalypse. It’s […]

How AI can help protect you, your company and even the country against cyber threats

In this age of widespread technology use, everyone must be aware of cybersecurity threats. Just as the military reinforced its cybersecurity defenses, companies and individuals should do the same. Cyber threats have become much more frequent and powerful in recent years, and being aware of how to anticipate, recognize and combat them is crucial. In […]

Workflow Quarterly: Leadership Lessons for Uncertain Times

It’s hard to deny that our world is in the midst of profound change. An ongoing global pandemic, extreme weather, economic and market challenges… How can companies use digital technology to navigate the challenges they face to better serve their customers? In this issue of Workflow Quarterly, discover insights designed to help business leaders, like […]