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Why do you need an application-centric Kubernetes protection solution?

Production applications have been moving from virtual machines to containers and from on-prem to cloud. The increase in the use of containers demanded the need for an orchestration platform such as Kubernetes to manage the containers. Now, Kubernetes is the most commonly used container orchestration tool to run production applications. 

There are multiple users within an organization who interact with the Kubernetes environments such as cloud administrators, DevOps engineers, and application developers. However, a multi cloud environment that is not resilient can be exposed to unintended modifications, accidental deletion, insider threats, or ransomware attacks. Even though Kubernetes is known for resiliency, it has the ability to only bring back the container infrastructure, not the data. Furthermore, there is no native Kubernetes application object, so Kubernetes does not know what the organization’s application truly is. Hence, organizations need an application-centric Kubernetes protection solution which provides cross-namespace, cross-cluster, and cross-region recovery options.

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