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VeeamON 2022: Backup and security union emerges as top trend


 I would argue that cyberthreats — and specifically ransomware — is probably the biggest threat facing customers today.

So we have a responsibility at Veeam to do three things in helping them with ransomware protection. The first is to build security capabilities into our product — immutability, multifactor authentication and delegation of access. Second is we have responsibility to monitor the environment for anomalies. We’re using Veeam One [monitoring and reporting tool] to do that. And then the third is, in the instance of a successful cyberevent, we have the responsibility to help them with their recovery, or orchestrated recovery.

That doesn’t mean that Veeam is becoming a security company. It simply means that we’re giving the foundational elements to our customers to ensure that their data is protected. And we are part of the larger picture.

It is a natural adjacency. Backup is very adjacent to security. Some of the stakeholders on the security team are important to connect with the backup professionals.

Veeam has the ability to integrate and alert and communicate with their established processes.

I have to be really clear on where we are — we hold the backup data, we can detect behavior on the capture, we can ensure clean behavior on the recovery. And we can look inside the backup data with some of the APIs that we have.

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