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Top tech for enterprise identity governance and security

Clear Skye and Gradient Flow announced the findings of their survey exploring the state of identity governance and security in the enterprise.

The survey questioned 500+ respondents from a variety of industries, 62% of which hold job functions in information technology (IT). The findings shed light on the tools, technologies, and practices defining identity at work.

The $13 billion identity management market is prime for growth, as cloud adoption, artificially intelligent software, and entry points for cyberattacks expand. But despite major strides in recent years, there are some identity practices that have failed to evolve. For example, email (50%) was cited as the most popular option for controlling permissions and entitlements among all respondents. Comparatively, respondents from large companies (55%) and those who held IT roles (54%) favored more sophisticated methods, such as IT service management (ITSM) or workforce management platforms.

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