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The state of Zero-trust security strategies

The State of Zero-trust Security Strategies Zero-trust approaches are arguably more relevant than ever due to the increasingly distributed nature of the modern enterprise. Whether implementing least-privilege tenets for user access or securing the connections to and between the disparate aspects of today’s hybrid multi-cloud deployments, zero trust can provide a framework to secure even […]

What Is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust is a framework for security in which all users of an application, software, system, or network, inside or outside of an organization, must be authenticated, verified, and frequently validated before being granted access to specific data or tools within the company’s network. In the zero-trust framework, networks can be in the cloud, hybrid, […]

Zero Trust Security: The Ultimate Guide

What Is Zero Trust Security? Zero Trust Security is a cybersecurity framework that requires users prove who they are, that their access is authorized, and that they’re not acting maliciously before they can access an organization’s digital assets and network. As the modern hybrid work environment has rendered traditional, on-premises network-based security models obsolete, Zero […]

6 steps to implementing a zero trust model

An “all or nothing” approach to Zero Trust is a tall task. What if you took a more incremental, agile approach that allows your organization to make realistic steps toward achieving Zero Trust? Download this e-book to learn: Download 6 steps to implementing a zero trust model Whitepaper

Achieving zero trust segmentation with illumio

This guide provides in-depth information on how Illumio makes Zero Trust Segmentation fast, simple and scalable for any organization. Download Achieving zero trust segmentation with illumio Whitepaper

Trusting zero trust

The growth of ransomware and work-from-anywhere employment has created vastly greater security risks. In response, organizations have turned to Zero Trust and micro-segmentation. But many are still in the planning and pilot stages. A new Forrester Consulting study “Trusting Zero Trust” (commissioned by Illumio) explores the roadblocks and opportunities organizations face in deploying Zero Trust […]

What you can learn from the DOD’s take on Zero Trust

What is Zero Trust? A ZT strategy refers not to a pre-determined product suite, but a shift in security mindset. ZT assumes all person and non-person users, whether inside or outside an organization’s network cannot be automatically trusted. They must be authenticated and authorized continually for all access requests. A ZT architecture applies to on-premises, […]

Stuck on zero trust? DNS might have an answer

Working practices have become far more flexible over the last few years as more firms embrace remote and hybrid models. Recent research commissioned by EfficientIP found that just under half of businesses have fully accepted these working models as standard practice. However, this flexibility comes at the cost of increased complexity – and complexity is the sworn […]