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ASD Announcement Datasheet

Discover and manage your external attack surface with asset discovery and on-demand, continuous pentesting. With Attack Surface Discovery, your security team can

Cut to the Chase – AI and On-demand Security Testing

Cut to the Chase – AI and On-demand Security Testing Today, organizations are rolling out new AI tools faster than they can secure them. Luckily, the Synack Platform is here to help. From Chatbots to internal AI tools, Synack customers are utilizing the Synack Red Team (SRT), our talented, highly-vetted community of researchers, to address […]

FedRAMP Moderate Authorized solutions

Can your security testing partner test your internal assets in a FedRAMP Authorized environment? If not, you need to reconsider. Synack is designated FedRAMP Moderate Authorized, underscoring its commitment to data security for government customers. Synack has achieved the highest FedRAMP designation of any security penetration testing provider in the space. Key Benefits of Synack’s […]

A Journey to Strategic Security Testing for Public Sector

Federal agencies need security testing with lasting impact As the public sector rides the wave of digital transformation and modernization, relying on a pentest that only satisfies compliance requirements isn’t enough. Malicious hackers are improving their tactics, and government agencies need to prioritize effective security testing that offers continuous improvement. How can that be done? […]

Government Department Gains Critical Insight Into Their Security Posture

CISO demands second opinion after internal reporting showed zero vulnerabilities Security testing within a large government department was dispersed and then performed by various teams. Pentesting was required, but each division operated somewhat independently and hired testers with various skill levels. Results were inconsistent and data from testing was trapped in written reports, not structured […]

Operationalizing Pentesting 101: Securing Your External Attack Surface

Security leaders are on high alert. From Russian cyber threats to proliferating malware, there’s a wide spectrum of new challenges in critical infrastructure. Join a talk with Synack’s CEO, Jay Kaplan, and Kevin Tambascio, IT/OT Attack Surface Reduction Manager at Cleveland Clinic as they discuss best practices for operationalizing pentesting. From on-demand security testing to […]

Continuous and On-Demand Security Testing

The Premier Security Testing Platform Expect a continuous and consistent approach to pentesting that brings together the most elite community of security researchers and smart technology that finds vulnerabilities before a breach happens. Watch Now

A Better Way to Pentest for the Cloud

A Leading Law Firm Explains Need for a Secure Cloud Environment Join CISOs from Freshfields, a law firm specializing in M&A and regulatory governance, and Synack for a session on how to be strategic about cloud security. Freshfields has a cloud-first strategy because it helps to scale their business and move as quickly as possible. […]

The Guide to Strategic Security Testing

It’s time to embrace a transformational security testing solution Annual testing does not keep pace with today’s agile development life cycles that introduce new code daily. Moreover current security testing methodologies often treat all assets the same despite a varied level of risk. Synack’s strategic approach provides continuous pentesting and remediation guidance that actually improves […]

API Security Testing: A Smarter Approach for One of Today’s Fastest-Growing Threats

Why API Testing Is Critical for Your API Attack Surface Dependence on APIs for applications and B2B communications is rapidly increasing. According to Gartner, 90% of web applications now have a larger attack surface exposed via APIs than through the user interface. An enormous API attack surface can present a security risk to your organization. […]