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Accelerate The Future Of Work

It’s no longer just about where you work, but how. Top Slack leaders, along with featured customer Revolut, share myriad ways Slack enables better work. From the challenges of staying aligned while moving fast to the need to translate office best practices to a digital-first world, you’ll hear how Slack can “Make what’s hard in […]

Beyond Hybrid Work: From Collaboration To Communities

Collaborative technologies are essential to thriving in a hybrid work environment. These platforms provide crucial connections between customers, colleagues and partners both directly and across their business applications. Our collaborative spaces need to transition to communities where real people can connect. The Conversational Enterprise is here, and now is the time to make sure your […]

Is it time to abandon the five-day work week?

Is the five-day work week obsolete? Join the debate, hear the arguments and make up your own mind. Has the time come to try something new? Research at the University of Miami found that employee motivation and performance steadily declines from Monday to Friday as employees run out of steam. Alternatively, many believe organisations are […]

How Slack expedites the softwaredevelopment lifecycle

What if your software developers and engineering teams were able to consistently deploy multiple times each day? What if they needed less than one day’s lead time for changes and took less than one hour to restore major incidents? Developer velocity (the ability to ship features and bug fixes quickly) is the key to hitting […]

Slack for Developer Teams

Slack is your Digital HQ Connect your teams, tools, customers and partners in a digital place that’s fast, flexible and inclusive for a work-from-anywhere world.

Modern incident response

The digital world is open 24/7. So it follows that digital consumers expect IT and customer service to keep the same hours. These exceedingly high expectations mean that no issue is too small or common to frustrate customers, from broken code to site-wide outages. The data analytics company Splunk reports that many companies experience incidents like […]

Reinventing work in development teams

Navigating the digital HQ era We’re coming off one of the most challenging years in business history. The pandemic forced every company to accelerate transformations that typically take years or even decades. Chief among them? The transition to a digital HQ. Software engineering teams were often well positioned for the pandemic-driven shift to remote work. […]

10 ways to replace ineffective meetings with Slack

Slack channels are the workhorse of a meeting-savvy culture. They’re virtual spaces to share messages, workplace automations, digital tools and files, and can be created for any project, topic or team. Slack channels are a better way to work, especially in a digital HQ. Channels can enable 13% shorter sales cycles, 23% faster time to […]

Digital transformation: How IT leaders can improve productivity in every department

In today’s turbulent economic conditions, companies everywhere are looking for ways to steer their ships into calmer waters. The practical solution involves charting a course for improving business value in every department, but how can this be achieved? More than ever, companies are turning to IT admins to be the captains of this mission. As […]