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Singularity Data Lake

Singularity Data Lake empowers businesses to centralize and transform data into actionable intelligence for cost-effective, high-performance security and log analytics. The unified, AI-powered platform converges SIEM, XDR, and analytics solutions, creating a comprehensive security and log data ecosystem. Get Started

Mastering XDR Excellence: The Journey to Growth Index Leader

SentinelOne has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Growth Index Leader of the prestigious Frost™ Radar: Extended Detection and Response, 2023! Join SentinelOne and Frost & Sullivan as we dissect the state of the XDR market and break down the 2023 Frost™ Radar for XDR. Get Started

Get More Out of Your Splunk Investment

Organizations need centralized visibility to security events so they can identify and automate response to threats and vulnerabilities. Often, security data is only visible in point solutions in their unique format, forcing companies to duplicate and move data to traditional SIEM solutions. These solutions were developed in the pre-cloud era, and when used as a […]

An Architect’s Checklist: Building a Data Platform to Power the Modern SOC

Defending against modern threats starts with data. A lot of it. Spotting, understanding, and disrupting cyber adversaries requires deep awareness of everything happening across your organization, from the desktop to the cloud. Collecting, storing, and working with telemetry at scale unlocks crucial workflows for defenders. Get Started

5 Best Practices to Secure Active Directory

In this virtual session, attendees will learn how to effectively reduce AD attack surface, how to gain visibility and detect attacks targeting AD, and how to hide and misdirect attackers from sensitive or privileged AD objects. Get Started

Taking on Turla: Decoding MITRE ATT&CK®️ Enterprise Evaluations 2023

The MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations are a crucial resource for cybersecurity professionals because they provide a rigorous and transparent methodology for testing security providers, like SentinelOne, against real-world These evaluations really put vendors to the test, determining the efficacy of products so organizations can feel confident in their security stack. In 2023, SentinelOne proved industry-leading detection […]

SentinelOne Watchtower Report: Top Cyber Threats of 2023 and Predictions for 2024

Tune in to this exclusive webinar where SentinelOne’s Threat Hunting and Intelligence experts dive into the insights and findings from the 2023 SentinelOne WatchTower Report. In this webinar the team discusses their findings, providing a comprehensive review of the top cyber attacks in 2023 and exclusive insights into the 2024 threat landscape. This webinar showcases […]

Navigating Modern Threats Using the SentinelOne Singularity Platform

Modern threats don’t respect the boundaries of traditional security – they move laterally as quickly as possible, finding the path of least resistance to gain credentials and access to data or infrastructure. For security teams, visibility across endpoint, cloud, data, and identities is critical to understanding posture and rapidly responding to attacks. Learn about the […]