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Nokia Software as a Service (SaaS)

Empowering you to innovate at scale SaaS refers to services purchased on a subscription basis to achieve specific business outcomes. It uses a cloud-native technologies to deliver a fully digitalized business experience and fully automated service lifecycle Download Nokia Software as a Service (SaaS) Whitepaper

Supercharged security

Powerful 5G security assurance with Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome Security operations teams are under pressure to defend against cyber threats and contain the cost of breaches — protecting network environments that have never been more open or more challenging to secure. Cloudification, multiplying Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and open 5G architectures are dramatically increasing the […]

Energy Efficiency in Networks: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Digital Era

Summary Energy Efficiency in Networks: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Digital Era Join us for an exclusive webinar as Nokia delves into the crucial topic of energy efficiency in networks. In today’s dynamic market, AI-driven solutions are gaining traction; they’re shaping the way CSPs can reduce their carbon footprint and run sustainable network and […]

Are you ready to build the digital factory of the future?

In this guide we look at how industrial-grade private wireless can help manufacturing companies do extraordinary things, building smart, flexible, connected production lines that bring new levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability to their processes.

The right technology mix for Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is underway. Manufacturing companies are looking for ways to embrace data-driven operations, adopt zero-touch automation and transform the way people and machines work together. Their goal is to digitalize their operations to make production processes safer, more productive and more sustainable.

Webinar: Applying XDR to broadband critical networks’ cybersecurity – CCW 23

The security posture of critical communication networks, which are undergoing a relevant change moving from narrowband to broadband, keeps constantly changing. 4G and then 5G network architectures introduce fundamental new challenges for security. 4G “all IP” networks and 5G more “flexible” architectures with slicing and core network exposure capabilities together with a wider eco-system of […]

Controlling energy use: the role of AI-based solutions

Building and running energy efficient networks is becoming a strategic imperative for all telecoms CSPs. Commitment to reducing energy consumption is a common issue in many businesses, driven by increasing energy prices as well as by regulatory demands to control and be more transparent about energy management and carbon emissions. However, 5G deployment, which risks […]

Fiber for Everything

Fiber is the fastest, greenest, and most widely deployed broadband technology in the world today. And it keeps getting better. Recent advances in fiber performance mean fiber broadband can do more than just fiber-to-the home. Fiber is everywhere, so it can be used to connect everything: homes, businesses, Industry 4.0, smart cities, and 5G cells. […]

Nokia Corteca launch

Wi-Fi is a key part of daily life for people everywhere. But too many people struggle with Wi-Fi performance and coverage in their homes. These issues also have a major impact on communications service providers (CSPs) because they end up fielding high volumes of help desk calls, missing out on monetization opportunities and facing the […]

Next-generation voice services in 5G with Voice Over New Radio

Voice over New Radio (VoNR) is set to revolutionize communication by providing high bandwidth and low latency capabilities, enabling the development of exciting use cases through the 5G Standalone Core and 5G Radio. The power of VoNR unveils new undiscovered possibilities for Communication Service Providers and their business customers to generate new revenue streams. Download […]