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Three Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection

Replacing your security tool stack may seem as daunting as the multiplying cyberthreats your business faces every day. But while cybercrime is growing in complexity, deploying an integrated approach to security can make defending against threats simpler. Give your organisation increased protection by integrating extended detection and response and a cloud-native security information and event […]

Extending SIEM: How to get the most from your security stack

As cyberattacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, security teams often use a patchwork of tools to increase their threat visibility – which can overcomplicate their operations. Simplify your security stack instead with a holistic solution that integrates security information and event management (SIEM) with extended detection and response (XDR). Read this eBook to learn how […]

The Defender’s Watch – Episode 2: Defending Identity Systems with ITDR

With more than 60 percent of breaches involving compromised credentials, defending identity systems has become critical in today’s threat landscape. Join host Rob Lefferts as he speaks with experts in identity security at Microsoft about how identity attacks are evolving and how you can be better prepared with solutions like identity threat detection and response […]

The Essential Guide to Bring Your Own PC

As organisations continue to embrace changing work environments, understanding worker expectations and habits is more important than ever. Learn how to empower your hybrid workers and maintain productivity without overwhelming your IT department in this eBook. Discover how a BYOPC strategy can take advantage of existing resources to help: Download The Essential Guide to Bring […]

Windows 365 E-Book: The Only Constant is Change

Hybrid work has fundamentally changed the way we work—creating new opportunities and challenges alike. This experience has given many IT departments an acute case of whiplash. Fortunately, great challenges often inspire even greater innovations. Download the Windows 365 E-Book: The Only Constant is Change to learn how Windows 365 can help you: Enjoy Windows 365—the most powerful, […]

Making Hybrid Work Work: How to Instill a Secure, Productive Culture of Collaboration

Limited resources can make it difficult to prioritize solutions that help dispersed teams work and collaborate effectively. But streamlining your organization’s digital landscape with fewer, more efficient applications helps make a successful hybrid workplace possible—improving productivity, collaboration, security, and IT management. In this e-book, discover what leaders are saying about the challenges of hybrid work […]