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What is the transformer machine learning model?

In recent years, the transformer model has become one of the main highlights of advances in deep learning and deep neural networks. It is mainly used for advanced applications in natural language processing. Google is using it to enhance its search engine results. OpenAI has used transformers to create its famous GPT-2 and GPT-3 models. […]

The HR Guide to Machine Learning and AI

Human Resources leaders are coming into their own among C-suite executives as they transform workplaces during these historic times. One of the important tasks at hand is better understanding technology, especially machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and the way it connects with data analytics to influence decision-making. HR professionals who gain an understanding […]

Convergence and adoption of AI and ML countering the cyber threat

During the last few years, we have witnessed an increase in advanced cyber attacks. Cybercriminals utilize advanced technology to breach the digital boundary and exploit enterprises’ security vulnerabilities. No industry feels secure; security professionals do their utmost to close security gaps and strengthen their cyber defense. As new technologies pop up at an unprecedented rate, […]

Why Companies Need To Apply Machine Learning To Overall Digitalization Efforts

In my last article, I explained how businesses need to differentiate between digital strategy, digitization and digitalization. The piece focused on how everyone uses the terms differently and, ultimately, how digitalization was really about thinking through how companies can best automate processes and practices in their organization. Case in point: Digitalization is converting an entirely or […]

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Reshape Enterprise Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are ubiquitous in consumers’ lives, from the “up next” suggestions from your streaming service to routes suggested by your GPS when you plug an address into your phone for directions. Less visible impacts of AI and ML include the use of AI to control data center efficiency and cooling or the management of […]

The Next Technological Time Warp

Developments in AI and machine learning are accelerating every day, but just how fast?Moore’s Law is the principle that the speed and capability of computers can be expected to double every two years. In economic terms, this means that at a constant dollar, your compute capacity will double about every 18 to 24 months. But […]