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See Elevate K-12 Analytics in Action

Elevate K-12 Analytics combines data from educational systems and delivers interactive visualizations of integrated data so educators can measure, manage, and improve programs and student outcomes. Check out this short video on how to conquer this challenge. From the makers of Canvas. Watch Now

PILLARS of Today’s k-12 Classroom

When we think of a pillar, strength and support inevitably come to mind. According to Merriam-Webster, a pillar is a firm upright support for a superstructure. It’s a supportive, integral, or upstanding part, a fundamental precept. In K-12 classrooms everywhere, a strong set of pillars are needed to provide a productive, supportive learning foundation for […]

Driving the Learning Journey With Actionable Assessment

A roadmap for reframing assessment in your classroom, turning data into insights that accelerate learning, and engaging students in the learning process. The road to equitable learning is paved with student-centered assessments. Instructure’s State of Assessment in K-12 survey results were clear; teachers and administrators agree that collectively, our approach to assessment must change. For […]

The State of Assessment in K-12 Education: Study & Trends

Our first K-12 assessment-focused research study uncovers vital stats and key trends that are top of mind for educators nationwide, as well as perspectives and considerations for the future. The pandemic’s impact on traditional standardized testing reignited a longstanding debate around assessment in K-12 education, especially when and how best to evaluate student knowledge and […]