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Did attrition peak for IT companies in March FY22 quarter?

Has attrition in IT companies, which touched record levels in the March 2022 quarter, peaked? This question is being debated among experts in both the IT and HR sectors. Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, HCL Technologies and Mindtree saw their attrition levels double (in percentage terms) in the quarter ended March 31, 2022, against the same […]

Energy harvesting to power the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things consists of an enormous number of generally small, portable devices, each of which needs its own sustainable micro-energy source. Batteries are unsatisfactory for this as they will often need to be replaced or recharged. Many different technologies are being considered instead, with one of the most promising solutions being electromagnetic energy […]

2023 Digital Trends Retail in Focus

Welcome to the 2023 Digital Trends – Retail in Focus! Based on Adobe’s annual survey, produced in collaboration with Econsultancy, the report captures the insights of nearly 400 retail executives and identifies opportunities for companies to refine their digital strategies and drive sustained growth in the new year and beyond.

Digitale Trends 2023 Einzelhandel im Fokus.

Willkommen beim Report Digitale Trends 2023 – Einzelhandel im Fokus. Der Report basiert auf der jährlichen Umfrage durch Adobe und wurde in Kooperation mit Econsultancy erstellt. Er erfasst die Erkenntnisse von fast 400 Führungskräften aus dem Einzelhandel und benennt Chancen für Unternehmen, die im laufenden Jahr und darüber hinaus ihre digitalen Strategien optimieren und nachhaltiges […]

Tendencias digitales de 2023 el sector minorista en el punto de mira

Aquí tienes el informe “Tendencias digitales de 2023: el sector minorista en el punto de mira” Según la encuesta anual de Adobe, realizada en colaboración con Econsultancy, el informe captura la información de cerca de 400 ejecutivos del sector minorista e identifica oportunidades para que las empresas perfeccionen sus estrategias digitales e impulsen el crecimiento […]

Tendenze digitali per il 2023 Retail in primo piano

Ti diamo il benvenuto nel report Tendenze digitali per il 2023: retail in primo piano! Basato sul sondaggio annuale condotto da Adobe e prodotto in collaborazione con Econsultancy, questo documento fotografa i dati di circa 400 dirigenti del settore retail e individua le opportunità che hanno le aziende per ottimizzare le proprie strategie e promuovere […]

Tendances digitales 2023 Le retail à l’honneur

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter le rapport « Tendances digitales 2023 : le retail à l’honneur ». Rédigé en collaboration avec Econsultancy, il est le fruit de notre enquête annuelle réalisée auprès de quelque 400 dirigeantes et dirigeants du retail. Ce document révèle les opportunités que les entreprises peuvent saisir pour affiner leurs stratégies […]

10 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation

More agile, more efficient, more effective marketing. Being a successful marketer means always being ready for the unexpected, but that goes beyond just having the right outlook and attitude. Your plans, strategies, and campaigns should be equipped to adapt to disruptions and changes — and it’s pretty much impossible to accommodate this manually. Enter marketing […]

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

How can marketing automation benefit you? Marketing automation allows businesses to save time and money, measure and optimise marketing investments and grow revenue faster. According to our benchmark analysis, businesses that use marketing automation can grow their pipeline by 45%, enjoy 25% higher revenue and allow sales reps to spend 22% more time selling. What’s […]

A peek into the future of marketing automation.

98% of marketers say that marketing automation is critical for success and differentiate among the competition. Read The State of Marketing Automation to learn insights and best practices from more than 600 organizations, including: