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Workflow Quarterly: Leadership Lessons for Uncertain Times

It’s hard to deny that our world is in the midst of profound change. An ongoing global pandemic, extreme weather, economic and market challenges… How can companies use digital technology to navigate the challenges they face to better serve their customers? In this issue of Workflow Quarterly, discover insights designed to help business leaders, like […]

Five Ways a Connected Seller Solution Improves Sales Performance

As buyer expectations change, your sales process needs to evolve, too. Learn how to empower sellers to close more deals faster in the eBook Five Ways a Connected Seller Solution Improves Sales Performance. Find out how an AI-powered, cloud-based seller solution transforms sales by:

AI Builder Governance

Optimise your intelligence-driven processes and outcomes so that they’re up to date, more secure and under capacity. Read the white paper, AI Builder Governance, to get best practices, recommendations and tips on how to manage AI Builder as an administrator, including how to: New to this add-on? Discover how to get started with AI Builder.

Five Ways to Amplify Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics

See how to move beyond basic reporting and deliver more impactful insights from all your data. Read the e-book, Five Ways to Amplify Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics, for guidance and instructions on how to get started with using Power BI to analyze your data in Azure Synapse. Learn how to: Download Five Ways […]

How AI and ML Empower HR

Learn how organizations can combat declining ROI and revenue by leveraging AI and machine learning to help improve the employee experience and create meaningful people strategies. Change fatigue is damaging the employee experience—and HR is struggling to keep up. In the last few years, businesses have scrambled to keep up with how fast the world […]

Digital Finance: Where Business and Next-Generation Technology Intersect

The pandemic accelerated the need for transformation. The proliferating volume of data is transforming businesses. There is more data than ever, posing unique challenges for CFOs. Finance teams need to draw on information from all parts of the business to make decisions quickly. Drive value for your organization with cloud-based systems. Siloed data and legacy […]

How to do business like The People’s Shark

How to do business like The People’s Shark with Daymond John.Daymond John, star of Shark Tank, shares advice for small business owners.He reveals the secrets to business success during uncertain times. Download How to do business like The People’s Shark Whitepaper