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Storage For The Modern Enterprise

Storage stands apart in the world of IT infrastructure. Despite delivering capabilities that the industry could only dream of just a few years ago, it also carries the last vestiges of an obsolete model of how IT solutions are sold and managed. There is still a class distinction in storage.

How to Evaluate Enterprise Storage Vendor Guarantee Programs

There are 10 major areas covered by storage vendor guarantee programs. For some vendors, there may be several related commitments in one or more of these areas. The value that accrues to customers from these programs comes from ease of use, more efficient resource utilization (leading to lower hardware costs), reduced energy and floorspace consumption, […]

Evergreen Storage Continues to Drive Industry-Leading Customer Experience

The legacy enterprise storage upgrade cycle is familiar to most storage administrators. An enterprise purchases a new storage array, which includes a given storage capacity that may be expanded over the life of the product, but the maximum storage performance achievable by the system is fixed based on the capabilities of the controllers and the […]