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Time to Value

Content management, website content and commerce came out on top when DocuSign asked IT decision-makers to rate the speed of time to value, with 46% saying it was achieved in one month or less. This was just slightly ahead of electronic signatures, one of only three SaaS solutions that delivered immediate value for 45% of […]

How to Choose an E-Signature Solution 5 factors to consider

With features like digital audit trails, automated workflows and mandatory fields, e-signatures: The benefits of e-signature technology are far reaching. Today, e-signature technology is used around the globe in nearly every industry and department. But not all e-signature providers are created equal—and not all organizations have the same needs. Financial services and pharmaceuticals, for instance, […]

How to build a CLM business case

Getting executive buy-in and funding to jumpstart a digital transformation requires a solid business case that focuses on the outcomes of the investment. Once you’ve answered the question: Why are we even looking for a CLM solution? Your team can prioritise and allocate the resources necessary to create a business case. “A business case is […]

Why Legal Should Drive Contract Management

Equipped with a fully integrated digital agreement platform, legal can bring three distinct advantages to advance the business. Read this eBook to learn about each of these advantages in depth: Download Why Legal Should Drive Contract Management Whitepaper

Simplifying Legal Contract Management

Corporate legal teams are accelerating their adoption of digital solutions, like contract lifecycle management, to automate repetitive, manual processes. As a cost center with an increasingly important strategic role, legal is faced with increased demand, shrinking budgets and an often overextended workforce. This makes improving the customer experience, addressing legal team management, reducing liability and […]

Controlling the chaos of preparing and negotiating commercial agreements

With digital technologies available today, there’s no reason for contract preparation to take so much time and effort. Organizations can streamline the generation, negotiation, and approval of commercial agreements to accelerate sales cycles and improve experiences for everyone involved without needing to invest in a robust contract lifecycle management solution. Here, we’ll discuss some of […]

Security and Legal: an essential collaboration

Legal and security departments share the common goal of protecting an organization from harm. But, while both work to ensure security and compliance, the respective teams play distinct roles in achieving these goals. Through close collaboration and communication, each team can help the other optimize security and compliance throughout the organization. This white paper explores […]