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The increasing importance of cyber threat intelligence

Globally, the cyber threat level to organisations remains high, and the current situation only serves to highlight this further. To this point, any organisation with substantial gaps in its cybersecurity capabilities is operating at risk. When the threat landscape changes, as it has now, we become more aware of the vulnerabilities that we have carried […]

Cyber Threat Hunting – What Is It, Really?

Cyber threat hunting is a sub-discipline to threat detection that relies on proactive and iterative searching through data to identify otherwise undetected threats. It does this through a variety of mechanisms and methodologies, typically by looking for statistical outliers (in so-called data-driven­ hunting) or suspicious and malicious behaviors (in behavioral cyber threat hunting). Organizations conduct […]

How to develop competency in cyber threat intelligence capabilities

Mandiant is a companies whose business centers around digital forensics and incident response as well as cyber threat intelligence. The company recently released a CTI analyst core competencies framework to answer a question they often get from their customers: What is the optimal team composition for starting and maturing a CTI capability inside their corporate […]

Iran says cyber threats against it are rising – analysis

Iran has claimed it has uncovered details of a recent cyber attack on the municipality of Tehran – but no information was lost due to the attack. The claims were made in an article at Iran’s Tasnim News and are based on comments by Brig.-Gen. Gholam Reza Jalali, commander of the Civil Defense Organization. In […]

The Importance Of Cyber Insurance And How To Choose A Plan

In my recent pieces, I have talked about how and why businesses should prepare for the growing cybersecurity threat and ensure their security protocols are adequate for today’s dangers and position to evolve for future risks. It’s one of those topics that feels like it’s over-discussed. However, considering the increasingly dangerous landscape for businesses, it’s […]

Cyber Threat Detection: 5 Top Priorities for Critical Infrastructure Security Leaders

How do you know that a perfect storm is brewing? If your team is tasked with securing your organization’s operational technology and industrial control systems (OT/ICS), you may have a pretty good idea by now. In critical infrastructure industries, the warning signs have been hard to miss lately. They include the convergence of business IT […]

The new cyber threat: phoning a call centre

One cyber insurance specialist is warning brokers and clients of a ransomware attack method that subverts common cybersecurity controls by tricking victims into phoning a call centre – rather than clicking a link – and instructing them to download malicious software to infect their own computers. “Making the victim do all the heavy lifting is […]