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Five Ingredients to Ignite Always-On Service

In the current, rapidly changing business climate, maintaining the level of service customers expect can be challenging. Learn how to deliver exceptional service at all times by downloading this eBook which explores five key elements every organisation can incorporate: Maintain quality of service when customer demand spikes. Improve efficiency and automation to reduce costs. Support […]

2022 State of Customer Experience Technology

Business and technology leaders at companies large and small, across multiple industries, have identified customer satisfaction as a top business priority. In the contact center, they’re significantly more focused on ensuring customer satisfaction than they are about achieving agent productivity. In order to achieve solid success metrics, they need a well-defined customer experience (CX) strategy […]

How to optimize your customer experiences

The business value of customer advocacy cannot be overstated. According to Bain & Company, the Net Promoter Leader in a market grows, on average, more than twice the rate of its competitors. As people convert from a regular customer to an active advocate, they do the work of selling for you. Too often, however, companies […]