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Adaptive Applications: Taking CX To The Next Level

In his new dbInsight brief on adaptive applications for customer experience (CX), industry expert Tony Baer explains what AI-powered adaptive apps are, common use cases, and what you need in your data architecture to deliver a competitive customer experience (CX). You’ll also find out why Tony believes Couchbase’s multipurpose database is ideal for key capabilities […]

How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

Consumers rely on mobile applications, even when there is no internet connection. Consumers also expect hyper-personalized experiences, requiring adaptive applications that run anywhere. To help you provide the always-on experience customers demand, database solutions like Couchbase Mobile have added synchronization and offline capabilities to their mobile database offerings. Couchbase is also the first to put […]

10 Common NoSQL Use Cases for Modern Applications

Our guide to 10 Common NoSQL Use Cases for Modern Applications provides a checklist for the multipurpose database you need today. With businesses racing to build hyper-personalized customer experiences powered by generative AI, Couchbase is the first to announce vector search at the edge, enabling AI-powered mobile applications. Learn about the ten most common NoSQL […]