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5 critical considerations for mitigating DDoS attacks

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt a targeted server, service, or network by overwhelming it with a flood of Internet traffic. To be effective, these attacks require threat actors to take control of online computers, routers, IoT devices, or other endpoints to leverage as sources of attack traffic. These machines are infected […]

DDoS Threat Landscape Report: DDoS Trends from Q4 2022

Welcome to Cloudflare’s quarterly distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) report for the fourth and final quarter of 2022. This report uncovers insights and trends about the DDoS threat landscape observed across Cloudflare’s global network from October to December of 2022. As the year drew to a close and billions around the world celebrated holidays, DDoS attacks persisted. […]

Effective application security requires holistic, quick, and continuous protection

Application security threats are ever present. In 2020, the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) reported over 18,000 vulnerabilities — setting a new record. Alarmingly, over 10,000 of these vulnerabilities were labelled as critical or high severity. At the same time, attackers continue to exploit well-known vulnerabilities. Joint research from the US’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency […]

Debunking the top 5 myths about Malicious Bots

Today, as much as 40% of all Internet traffic consists of bots: non-human users that perform automated tasks on websites and apps. Although some bots perform useful functions for businesses, many bots carry out malicious activities, from content scraping to credential stuffing. As malicious bots become more prevalent and sophisticated, it can be difficult to […]

Beyond on-demand for DDoS defense

The global pandemic changed the way we work, travel, play, and stay connected — increasing our reliance on the Internet, more than ever. As more of our activities shifted online, so did the number of cyber threats we observed over the Internet. DDoS attacks, specifically, dominated the charts in terms of frequency, sophistication, and geo-distribution […]

Getting faster: know your website, and know what’s slowing it down

Speed and performance of your website significantly impact revenue growth and conversions. The numbers don’t lie.     •  39% of users stop engaging with a website if images take too long to load.     •  53% of mobile sites are abandoned if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  There are multiple factors […]

Forrester Report: Modern Cloud Native DDoS Protection — Built with Integrated Fast Performance

Cloudflare Named A ‘Leader’ in The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 2021 Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated 11 of the most significant providers in the market for DDoS Mitigation based on 28-criteria across current offering, strategy, and market presence. In the report, “The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 2021” Cloudflare was named a ‘Leader’. […]

GigaOm Radar for DDoS Protection

Cloudflare ranked higher than any other assessed vendor and is named a “Leader” and “Fast-mover” in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for DDoS Protection report. Among the included vendors, Cloudflare also received the furthest placements for “Platform Play” and “Maturity”. Cloudflare DDoS Protection includes Cloudflare Magic Transit, which protects against layer 3 DDoS attacks. It also […]

Cloudflare magic transit protects networks while improving performance

Cloudflare’s Magic Transit solution offers distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and traffic acceleration for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. Designed to address the unnecessary latency that comes with scrubbing solutions, Magic Transit secures networks without compromising performance. To help quantify Magic Transit’s performance gains, Cloudflare recently ran some Catchpoint tests over their network.  Read […]