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9 Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Cloud Computing. Just another one of those buzzwords you have heard before or used in your day-to-day life. But do you know whether it is beneficial for your business or not? Cloud computing is the on-demand service that’s offers computing power, data storage, active user management, IT resources, and applications on a cloud platform as […]

A remedy to retail’s supply chain woes is in the Cloud

From empty store shelves to out-of-stock website notifications, Canadian retailers – and their customers – are feeling the pain of the pandemic’s impact on global supply chains. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of it abating soon with 70 per cent of small businesses reporting supply chain challenges as a big issue for their organization in 2022. […]

Six ways to supercharge cloud computing

There are as many ways the modern manufacturer can benefit from cloud computing empowered by software-as-a-service (SaaS) as there are clouds on a rainy day. In their ROKLive 2022 presentation, “Cloud-based Software as a Service: The Future of Industrial Automation is Here,” presenters Leo Kilfoy, director  SaaS & digital design, Rockwell Automation, and Oliver Haya, […]

What happens when cloud spend surpasses traditional systems

I made this prediction in 2020, and here we are. Spending on public cloud services is about to hit another milestone as business customers spent $18.3 billion on cloud computing in the first quarter of 2022, up 17.2% year over year, according to a recent report by IDC. This number includes budgets for shared and […]

Cloud computing use is growing, but so is regulation

European firms are reaching a new scale of public cloud usage, with 92% of companies in the UK, France and Germany saying they have adopted cloud computing, with 78% reporting they use a hybrid cloud, and 75% using multiple public clouds mostly on US-made technology, according to research by analyst firm Forrester.  “After a slow start, […]

Ofcom to investigate tech giants’ dominance of cloud computing

Ofcom will investigate the world’s biggest tech companies to ensure their dominance in areas such as cloud computing, messaging and smart devices works for the people and businesses of Britain, the communications regulator has said. The cloud services investigation, which will take priority out of the three issues, will look at Amazon, Microsoft and Google. […]

3 cybersecurity tips for controlling & monitoring cloud access

Cloud adoption has exploded as organizations seeks operational benefits, such as efficiency and cost reduction. Gartner forecasts that worldwide public cloud spending will reach nearly $500 billion this year. Once organizations have migrated to the cloud, however, their cyber journey isn’t complete. Security is a shared responsibility between users and cloud providers. Duty of care dictates that […]

2023 Digital Trends Retail in Focus

Welcome to the 2023 Digital Trends – Retail in Focus! Based on Adobe’s annual survey, produced in collaboration with Econsultancy, the report captures the insights of nearly 400 retail executives and identifies opportunities for companies to refine their digital strategies and drive sustained growth in the new year and beyond.

Digitale Trends 2023 Einzelhandel im Fokus.

Willkommen beim Report Digitale Trends 2023 – Einzelhandel im Fokus. Der Report basiert auf der jährlichen Umfrage durch Adobe und wurde in Kooperation mit Econsultancy erstellt. Er erfasst die Erkenntnisse von fast 400 Führungskräften aus dem Einzelhandel und benennt Chancen für Unternehmen, die im laufenden Jahr und darüber hinaus ihre digitalen Strategien optimieren und nachhaltiges […]

Tendencias digitales de 2023 el sector minorista en el punto de mira

Aquí tienes el informe “Tendencias digitales de 2023: el sector minorista en el punto de mira” Según la encuesta anual de Adobe, realizada en colaboración con Econsultancy, el informe captura la información de cerca de 400 ejecutivos del sector minorista e identifica oportunidades para que las empresas perfeccionen sus estrategias digitales e impulsen el crecimiento […]