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Comparing Cloud Native Observability: A Financial Services Buyer’s Guide

During uncertain economic times, organizations will have a heightened focus on cost optimization and resource efficiency. This is especially true for the financial services industry, which is on the economic front lines. Market volatility, inflation, declining consumer confidence, and higher interest rates are among the factors that immediately impact financial services institutions like yours, requiring […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Chronosphere

Chronosphere is a SaaS observability platform. It offers many benefits of operating an open source solution while improving visibility into the environment it monitors without diverting internal resources from their core competencies or exponentially adding to observability costs. Chronosphere commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return […]

Four Ways Your Unreliable Observability is Costing You

Financial services firms and FinTech companies can calculate the cost of service downtime and performance issues in terms of lost revenue, CSAT, customer churn, and negative press. However, it can be much more difficult to understand the costs to their company when their observability solution is slow or unavailable. When your observability platform is down […]

4 Ways Datadog is taking a bite out of your budget

Datadog is a popular monitoring and security tool for infrastructure and cloud services. It’s also a very expensive one when you add up all of its extras. In contrast, Chronosphere offers a modern, cloud native observability solution that provides reliable performance at predictable costs. Here are four reasons why you might consider transitioning from Datadog […]

A Buyer’s Guide to Modern Observability for Cloud Native

Maximizing the value of your technology investments with cloud native observability During uncertain economic times, organizations will have a heightened focus on cost optimization and resource efficiency. The natural instinct is to rein in spending — often at the expense of investing in technology that makes workers productive and also attracts and keeps customers. This […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Chronosphere.

Executive Summary Organizations need to accurately measure and control observability data while confidently scaling their businesses without scaling associated costs. However, in most instances, business growth accelerates ahead of observability practice maturity. As organizations outgrow their prior observability solutions, they are left with the options of building observability tooling and practice in-house or investing in […]

Revolutionizing Observability with Chronosphere: A Comparative Analysis with Datadog

Executive Summary In the rapidly evolving landscape of observability, organizations often face challenges with high data volumes, cost unpredictability, and limited control over data. Datadog, while comprehensive, can fall short in addressing these issues effectively. Chronosphere emerges as a powerful alternative, with its unique Control Plane capabilities and its predictable and fair pricing philosophy. This […]