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4 Data Backup Myths You Need To Know About

Humans generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That is a substantial amount of information. However, failing to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape might wipe your share of this data in the blink of an eye. In fact, ransomware has more than doubled in frequency since last year, accounting for 10% of […]

Cybersecurity Myths That Are Compromising Your Data And How To Address Them

As the importance of cybersecurity has increased, so has our awareness of it. Poor cybersecurity has been identified as the most pressing threat to businesses today. Cybersecurity issues often stem from a lack of cybersecurity awareness. In fact, according to the 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report, a lack of cybersecurity awareness was identified as the biggest […]

Why do you need an application-centric Kubernetes protection solution?

Production applications have been moving from virtual machines to containers and from on-prem to cloud. The increase in the use of containers demanded the need for an orchestration platform such as Kubernetes to manage the containers. Now, Kubernetes is the most commonly used container orchestration tool to run production applications.  There are multiple users within […]

Passwords aren’t going away any time soon

As the world observes World Password Day today, cyber security experts warn that most South African citizens and firms still don’t take password management as seriously as they should, despite the rising number of security breaches. Observed annually on the first Thursday of May, World Password Day aims to promote better password habits. As the […]

How to Backup VMware Esxi for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in 2022

Small and medium-sized organizations’ data is crucial. They have the same data backup and recovery requirements as large corporations. Additionally, certain vendors can provide backup products for small and medium-sized businesses, and these businesses have more possibilities. They can choose from disk, continuous data protection, backup equipment, and even backup as a service goods delivered […]

Building Resilient Systems to Ensure Peak Performance and Stay Connected

Every higher education institution faces challenges in the quest to build a strong, reliable IT infrastructure that meets performance expectations. As demand for faster networks, new applications and data storage grows, the risk of failure and threats to security also increase. Clarke University, a private Catholic college in Dubuque, Iowa, has built resiliency and redundancy […]

VeeamON 2022: Backup and security union emerges as top trend

 I would argue that cyberthreats — and specifically ransomware — is probably the biggest threat facing customers today. So we have a responsibility at Veeam to do three things in helping them with ransomware protection. The first is to build security capabilities into our product — immutability, multifactor authentication and delegation of access. Second is we have […]

“What would happen if?”: Creating a disaster recovery plan for your business

“What if…?” can be a scary, overwhelming question for business owners.  The tough questions are often the necessary ones. Disasters, both natural and manmade, are unpredictable, and many businesses never reopen after a disaster. However, your preparedness is in your control. Creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan is considered one of the most effective […]

Jungle Disk Looks To Consolidate Brands After ElephantDrive Buy

Question: What do Jungle Disk, LiveVault, KeepItSafe and OffSiteDatasync have in common? Answer: Too much product and service overlap to warrant keeping four brand names for B2B data protection services under one roof. Jungle Disk is in the process of rebranding the stable of data protection services it acquired over time into a single brand, […]

Kazakhstan’s Transtelecom opens disaster recovery data center for Sberbank

Kazakhstan’s telco Transtelecom has built a backup data center for Russian bank Sberbank’s operations, in the oil-rich county, which neighbors Russia. The company this month held and opening ceremony of the backup Data Processing Center (DPC) of SB Sberbank JSC, located in in the city of Karaganda, in the northeast of Kazakhstan. Specifications weren’t shared. […]