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B2B Trends: The Data to Find the Accounts, Content and Experiences that Convert

How to collect, process and action data to drive revenue When it comes to customer data, the prevailing attitude for decades has been “more is better,” with B2B marketers under increasing pressure from sales teams and C-suite executives to secure even greater volumes. But how much does data serve the humble marketer, especially when capturing […]

B2B Trends: Scaling Your ABX Strategy

Expert Tips for Account-Based Success B2B marketers have reaped the rewards of account-based approaches for some time. Done effectively, the approach focuses marketing efforts, delivers more pipeline, and creates a better buyer experience for accounts important to business success. However, delivering and then scaling account-based strategies requires more than a list of target companies to […]

B2B Trends: How Intent Data Can Boost Marketing Results

Expert B2B Marketing Tips For Getting More Out of First-Party Intent Data B2B marketers have a data problem: there is too much of it and we don’t know how to suss out the important information from the noise. This is not a new problem, but the industry is eyeing a new potential solution: first party […]