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ABM – AI for customer service assessment

Understand how you can use AI and new technology to increase customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs and drive new sources of revenue – and get actionable next steps. Download your  AI for customer service assessment whitepaper

ABM – AI for customer service smartpaper

Read the 6-part smartpaper to understand the conversational AI landscape, 3 most common use cases and customer pain points, as well as real-world success stories from clients like Regions Financial Corp. Download your ABM – AI for customer service smartpaper whitepaper

When It Comes to AI, Can We Ditch the Datasets?

A machine-learning model for image classification that’s trained using synthetic data can rival one trained on the real thing, a study shows. Huge amounts of data are needed to train machine-learning models to perform image classification tasks, such as identifying damage in satellite photos following a natural disaster. However, these data are not always easy […]

AI and IoT: A partnership that works

You might have wondered why you view house listings on a website and subsequently receive furniture advertising on your social media account. Most social media users have experienced this at some point or the other. While I have no intention of joining the privacy debate associated with social media algorithms, this type of targeted, intelligent […]

Stellar Weather: Researchers Describe the Skies of Exoplanets

A paper released today describes in the greatest detail to date the atmospheres on distant planets. Seeking the origins of what’s in and beyond the Milky Way, researchers surveyed 25 exoplanets, bodies that orbit stars far beyond our solar system. Specifically, they studied hot Jupiters, the largest and thus easiest to detect exoplanets, many sweltering […]

5 AI adoption mistakes to avoid

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are becoming increasingly mainstream business tools. If you’re planning an AI implementation, beware of these potential pitfalls. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be invaluable assets to business success. By implementing AI, businesses can automate hours’ worth of manual labor sifting through data to enable smarter and faster […]

Next-Gen Media-Buying AI Eliminates The Privacy Versus Performance Trade-Off

The apocalyptic headlines about cookie deprecation and the shift toward privacy have slowed somewhat ­– but don’t get too comfortable. Regulators around the world remain emphatic about privacy, big ad tech still plans big deprecation and a cookieless future for ad tech will be here before you know it. But this is no apocalypse. It’s […]

The HR Guide to Machine Learning and AI

Human Resources leaders are coming into their own among C-suite executives as they transform workplaces during these historic times. One of the important tasks at hand is better understanding technology, especially machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and the way it connects with data analytics to influence decision-making. HR professionals who gain an understanding […]

To evolve, AI must face its limitations

From medical imaging and language translation to facial recognition and self-driving cars, examples of artificial intelligence (AI) are everywhere. And let’s face it: although not perfect, AI’s capabilities are pretty impressive. Even something as seemingly simple and routine as a Google search represents one of AI’s most successful examples, capable of searching vastly more information […]

AI Reveals How the Brain’s Anatomy Changes With Autism

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of autism since it was first used as a clinical description in 1943. Scientists have identified some of the genes that seem to play a role, and have developed therapies that can improve an autistic individual’s quality of life. Despite these achievements, modern science has only uncovered […]