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Energy Efficiency in Networks: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Digital Era

Summary Energy Efficiency in Networks: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Digital Era Join us for an exclusive webinar as Nokia delves into the crucial topic of energy efficiency in networks. In today’s dynamic market, AI-driven solutions are gaining traction; they’re shaping the way CSPs can reduce their carbon footprint and run sustainable network and […]

Unleashing the potential of Industry 4.0: Private Wireless Networks Enabling Digital Transformation across the Energy Industry

Summary Your journey towards a smarter, more connected energy future begins here! As the Energy industry taps into the full potential of automation and digitalization, legacy network infrastructure is quickly becoming an inhibitor to an effective transformation. To keep up with the demand, it requires reliable connectivity to reinforce business continuity. Join us and learn […]

Data mesh frameworks deliver essential telco insights in the 5G era

5G enables new use cases that depend on the availability of diversified, high-quality data to fulfill strict business objectives. The complexity of telecoms data creates tough challenges for communications service providers (CSPs). These include the need to capture data in real time, handle fragmented data, distribute data computation and converge data across multiple locations. At […]

Factor Performance Analysis

During the third quarter of 2023, global equity markets lost the momentum that had propelled markets earlier in the year as it grappled with substantial challenges including rising geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and Israel as well as continued inflationary pressures on the global economy. The MSCI ACWI, while still showing a year-to-date gain of over […]

Exploring the Relationship of Interest Rates to Value vs Growth Investment Strategies

After the economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, developed economies faced inflation rates reminiscent of the early 1980s. With the United States and the United Kingdom embarking on an unprecedented cycle of interest rate hikes to counter inflation, investors were left wondering about the potential impact on equity markets. Specifically, the question was whether […]

5 ways to win RFPs

Asset owners frequently depend on formal RFPs for manager selection. They seek independent validation of your investment approach and a user-friendly method for visualizing your fund’s performance and risk. When it comes to showcasing your Investment Process, be it Fundamental or Quantitative, including your Portfolio Characteristics, here are five methods to illustrate why your fund […]