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Massaging AI language models for fun, profit and ethics

Do statistics amount to understanding? And does AI have a moral compass? On the face of it, both questions seem equally whimsical, with equally obvious answers. As the AI hype reverberates; however, those types of questions seem bound to be asked time and time again. State of the art research helps probe. However, we may […]

To evolve, AI must face its limitations

From medical imaging and language translation to facial recognition and self-driving cars, examples of artificial intelligence (AI) are everywhere. And let’s face it: although not perfect, AI’s capabilities are pretty impressive. Even something as seemingly simple and routine as a Google search represents one of AI’s most successful examples, capable of searching vastly more information […]

How AI, Machine Learning Are Providing an Edge on Interstitial Lung Disease

Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning, previously theoretical proposals of the future of industries, are making a real-time impact in pockets of medicine. In the case of advancing care and diagnostics for a collection of rare, chronic lung diseases, these rapidly evolving tools may make a world of difference today. In this month’s episode […]

4 Types of Machine Learning to Know

How else could you analyze 36,000 naked mole rat chirps to find out what they’re talking about? Or translate your cat’s purr or meow to know it’s “just chilling”? Or auto-generate an image like this just by typing in the words: “giant squid assembling Ikea furniture”? Thanks to different types of machine learning, that’s all seemingly possible. Machine learning is a branch […]

Digital Channels in the Contact Center: A ParadigmShift for Performance and Quality

Contact centers are equipping themselves with personnel to handle the digital transformation. While traditional customer service agents might have worked on voice-only, today 54% of managers said that most of their agents are scheduled to handle both digital and voice channels. Many contact centers are equipped to handle digital, but it’s important to consider which […]

Recession ahead: How Contact Centers can do more with less

The degree to which contact centers will be impacted by looming recessionary pressures and ongoing labor shortages is yet to be fully known. However, it’s safe to predict that contact center leaders will be forced to do more with less—less financial flexibility, less talent, and less room for error. By harnessing an automated, AI-driven WFM […]

The future of CC Workforce programs: Empower YourTalent to Drive Better Business Results

Forward-thinking contact center leaders recognize that agents play a far more crucial role than simply addressing customer demand—agents directly impact the quality and consistency of customer experiences. Contact centers with superior CX invest in training and educating their agents as well as building a positive work environment for high employee morale and productivity. Talent empowerment […]

Turn your Contact Center into an Intelligent Engagement Center

We live in a hyper-connected world in which employees and customers communicate from any location through any number of voice and digital channels. At the same time, customers expect effortless resolution to their issues. These main factors drive the search for solutions to build a workforce of engaged agents who can meet rising consumer expectations […]

The five must haves of Attended Automation

The next step in RPA evolution is the augmentation of human potential, initiative, and creativity with attended automation—on an unprecedented scale. Employees get more done when robots take over routine tasks, less time is wasted, and data capture errors are minimized. Attended automation takes this to the next level with real-time assistance that helps employees […]