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Seven key principles of Cloud Security and Privacy

Navigating the dimensions of cloud security and following best practices in a changing business climate is a tough job, and the stakes are high. Generating business insights based on data is more important than ever—and so is data security.

Discover ways to take advantage of the flexibility of a cloud data warehouse, while still protecting your data. Read this white paper to learn best practices for designing a comprehensive, sustainable strategy for security and privacy. You’ll see how having a robust analytics strategy helps you avoid future disruptions and make your business more resilient.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the important differences between security and privacy.
  • Establish strong security and privacy starting at the platform level.
  • Apply your security program evenly across your portfolio.
  • Implement security and privacy controls close to your data storage.
  • Maintain data resiliency and availability after an adverse incident.



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