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Salesforce CodeGen lead discusses AI-generated programming

The future of low-code and no-code lies beyond drag-and-drop user interfaces tools such as Salesforce Flow and Microsoft Power Automate: Simple coding will be auto-generated by AI based on natural language queries.

At least that’s what Salesforce is banking on with the Salesforce CodeGen project, now in development. Here, Silvio Savarese, Salesforce executive vice president and chief scientist, discusses Salesforce CodeGen and other AI matters. The longtime tenured Stanford professor joined the company in April 2021 and brought with him expertise in AI, computer vision, machine learning, robotics and NLP. He leads a team of researchers “delivering breakthrough technologies,” as he puts it, which includes Salesforce CodeGen and other projects, such as tech tools to combat information overload in our work lives.

Where does AI fit into your Salesforce work?



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