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Preparing For Artificial Intelligence-Enabled IT Services: Eliminate Noise

Over the course of the last year, I have written several articles on the topic of adopting an ITOps 4.0 framework in an effort to build out zero-latency IT operations. In my last article, I addressed concerns about disruption and the risk those disruptions pose to your current steady state or BAU.

In this article, I’d like to address another concern I’ve been hearing from CXOs. Many of them have expressed they are not ready for this change and have asked how they can prepare for such a transformation.

I would also like to discuss how to move into end-to-end, AI-enabled IT services with an operations-driven focus. This is for those who want to address operations and what is often called “lights-on services,” but it’s also for those who want to address the transformational aspects of their services and who want to make sure they are “intelligence-enabled” through AI and machine learning.

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