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Modern incident response

How our customers use Slack for faster resolution, less stress and fewer repeat incidents

The digital world is open 24/7. So it follows that digital consumers expect IT and customer service to keep the same hours. These exceedingly high expectations mean that no issue is too small or common to frustrate customers, from broken code to site-wide outages. The data analytics company Splunk reports that many companies experience incidents like these about five times a month, with each offense costing more than $100,000—and annual IT downtime costing enterprises $700 billion in lost productivity.

Most companies don’t have a dedicated incident response team. Instead, whenever an incident occurs, they rush to assemble an ad hoc team composed of whoever is on call and has relevant knowledge, skills and capabilities—much like a volunteer fire department. When fire departments respond to a five-alarm blaze, their ability to save lives and property depends on how quickly they establish roles, communicate about the nature and extent of the fire, and agree on the best path forward.

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