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MSP growth requires additional tech offerings


Dave Sobel is host of the podcast The Business of Tech and co-host of the podcast Killing IT. In addition, he wrote Virtualization: Defined. Sobel is regarded as a leading expert in the delivery of technology services, with broad experience in both technology and business.

In this video, Sobel revisits a prediction he made in 2020 about Datto claiming the MSP stock ticker after the company filed its initial public offering (IPO). However, more than a year since that filing, Kaseya acquired Datto and will take the company private. Datto’s acquisition has demonstrated that MSPs can’t count on the value of managed services alone to propel their growth. MSPs must invest in other technology areas — such as robotic process automation (RPA) and hyperscalers — to achieve explosive growth beyond a steady 11%.

Transcript follows below. Minor edits have been made for brevity and clarity.

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