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Key considerations while selecting the
right Remote SIM Provisioning

By 2025, the eSIM- and iSIM-capable devices are expected to reach nearly 6 billion. What is triggering this boom – and why now? The demand for out-of-the-box global connectivity and built-in resilience enabled by these new technologies require a new approach from CSPs and enterprises.

Secure mobile and IoT identities will be a catalyst to large-scale digital growth, underpinned by iSIM technology. What does this mean for those players that want to build global solutions with the highest levels of security assurance? What is the Nokia approach to help its customers leverage the opportunities brought by the SIM transformation?

Join the webinar to find out.

What you will learn:

  • CSP needs for successful iSIM projects – and how to address them
  • The latest news, trends, and developments on eSIM and iSIM market
  • Benefits of iSIM, current and forecasted levels of iSIM adoption
  • Expected evolution of iSIM – root of trust for Digital Identity services
  • How to enable enterprise segments to take advantage of iSIM

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