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How Can We Secure The IOT?


I recently came across a report about the Internet of Things (IoT) submitted to the United States President by his National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. It examines the challenges of securing IoT devices in depth. The report’s conclusion is summarized in this quote: “There is a small—and rapidly closing—window to ensure that IoT is adopted in a way that maximizes security and minimizes risk. If the country fails to do so, it will be coping with the consequences for generations.”

This alarming forecast is even more frightening given this report was submitted to President Obama in November 2014. Eight years later, the window of opportunity continues to close. Cyber and IoT industry leaders haven’t significantly changed how this market is evolving or improved the level of security in the IoT space. There are now over 20 billion connected devices, and a very complex and comprehensive ecosystem which supports their activity.

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