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How a new generation of IoT botnets is amplifying DDoS attacks

Larry Pesce remembers the day when the distributed denial of service (DDoS) threat landscape changed dramatically. It was late fall in 2016 when a fellow researcher joined him at the InGuardians lab, where he is director of research. His friend wanted to see how fast Mirai, a novel internet of things (IoT) botnet installer, would take over a Linux-based DVR camera recorder that was popular with medium-size businesses. So, she brought in a purchased DVR, then they set up observation instrumentation before connecting it to the internet via the DVR’s span port.

Enterprises rely on services like VoIP and connectivity should also look for solutions from their carriers and vendors, he adds. “This gets us closer to the root. We need to solve this at an industry level and encourage best common practices, such as signed and secure BGP, filtering, and IP ‘plumbing’ of the internet.”

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