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Hardware’s Role in Successful IoT Deployments

Co-Founder and Head of Sales of aconno, Thomas Hollwedel, joins the podcast this week to discuss hardware’s role in IoT. The podcast begins with a background on aconno and areas the company puts its focus on. Thomas then discusses the role of hardware and whether he suggests custom or off-the-shelf solutions. He also discusses how hardware fits with in-house software and challenges he’s seen in the space. Ryan and Thomas wrap up the podcast with a discussion on how to approach IoT education and whether companies need internal technical employees to integrate IoT.

Thomas Hollwedel is a founder, investor, consultant, trainer, and senior manager in the industry sector. He has experience in various industries (telecommunications, automotive, real estate, media) and companies of different sizes (startups, mid-sized companies, corporates). As a digital expert, his particular strength is his ability to mediate between the technology and marketing worlds to find the best, most pragmatic solution.

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