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Google launches storage services with knobs on

Google Cloud has expanded up its storage portfolio, augmenting existing services and launching a dedicated backup and data recovery service for the first time.

Google Cloud’s group product manager for storage, Sean Derrington, said the services were aimed as much at traditional enterprises as cloud native organizations, as both are looking to build resilient “continental scale” systems, and of course to drive down costs. A third aim was to support data rich applications, he said, which in “most cases” still feature a combination of on-prem as well as cloud data, meaning migration was always an issue.

So, in no particular order, Google Cloud Hyperdisk is described as a next generation complement to its Persistent Disk service block storage service, with different implementations for different workloads. Hyperdisk Extreme, for example, will support up to 300k IOPs and 4Gbps, to support demanding database workloads such as HANA.

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