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Fireside Chat: Blindspots in your 2024 Threat Strategy

This isn’t your typical “predictions” webinar.

The prediction season is upon us once again. We crave insights from understanding what’s next and how to prepare. Professionals across the landscape of every industry are furiously working to predict what will happen in the coming twelve months. Over time we’ve seen that the predictions were rarely new, just variations on a theme. Predictions only serve to tell you the what and how – few delve into the when, where, why, and who.

Instead of making security predictions for the year ahead, let’s discuss what isn’t mentioned when making predictions. How about we ask the tough questions to expose the gaps in our thinking? Where are the blindspots in our 2024 security strategy?

Tune into this exclusive webinar with Chris Krebs and Morgan Wright as they don’t discuss 2024 security predictions.

Instead, our speakers chat about:

  • How preparing a security strategy based on predictions leaves gaps in our defenses
  • The tough questions we need to ask to expose blindspots in our security strategy
  • Figuring out the when, where, why, and who of security threats – not just the what and how

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