Home Finance Financial organisations get personal when data gets moving.

Financial organisations get personal when data gets moving.


Turn insights into personalised experiences that build trust and financial confidence

Pump up the value with personalisation at scale.

As stewards of financial well-being, financial services firms – banks, investment advisors, insurance brokers, mortgage enders, credit unions and others – must build trust at each moment of the customer journey. If you personalise every interaction, consumers will feel like you know who they are and what they care about, and that their financial future is in safe and trustworthy hands.

Customer relationships are built on data.

Financial services marketers like you are well positioned to create personalised experiences that generate trust and improve financial well-being. Supported by the right data foundation, online and offline customer interactions can respond in step with customer needs.

That quick response might be the notification a bank teller receives when a customer becomes a solid candidate for a mortage loan. That’s the perfect moment to let the customer know about the bank’s low interest rates for first-time home buyers.

Financial organisations have swaths of data rich with insights into who each customer is personally, professionally and everywhere in between. Marketers need to be able to identify the most meaningful insights, connect them to the customer’s personal journey and then act on them.

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