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5 Essential Cloud Backup Data Protection Best Practices to Know

Cloud backup transformations aren’t just coming. They’re here. Findings from Bocada’s Backup Monitoring Trends Report show that nearly two-thirds of backup operations will migrate to the cloud by 2025. This shift shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Moving away from data centers, upfront hardware investments, and recurring maintenance all represent major cost savings while providing a more flexible, scalable infrastructure.

However, this shift doesn’t remove the need for data protection and backup operations oversight. On the contrary. As backup and recovery moves to the cloud, IT professionals must develop approaches to secure backup health and data resiliency. Five key areas should stay top-of-mind to preserve data integrity and restorability.

Automate Daily Performance Monitoring

The daily responsibilities of backup and data protection professionals do not change as infrastructures move to the cloud. They still need to oversee daily backup performance and meet monthly backup success rates or SLA criteria. Yet, 46 percent of backup admins told us this is only getting harder as backup data volume grows.

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