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Cyber risk management

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Many experts say that data, and not gold or oil, has become the most valuable commodity in the world in recent years, and this makes companies dealing with data a serious target for cybercriminals. As the value of data increases, cyber-attacks become a threat that business leaders have no choice but to place at the top of their priority list. Five years ago, professionals working in the cybersecurity field were making efforts to gain the attention and support of companies’ senior management, but their visibility has increased in the last two or three years due to issues related to cyber risk management, and several eye-opening cases.

We do more and more of our business online. At the same time, it has become easier than ever for cybercriminals to find ways to spread malware or exfiltrate data from companies. As they understand the value of the data organizations hold, the number and impact of data breaches is increasing all over the world.

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