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Container-Native or Container-Ready Storage?

Containers help dynamically develop, deploy, manage and test apps in various environments, from a developer’s laptop to the cloud or an on-site data center.

These revolutionary inventions are now mainstream and have proven reliable for allowing developers to design cloud apps fast and at scale.

If you specialize in IT, you’ll almost certainly come across either container-native (CNS) or container-ready storage (CRS). But what are the differences? Which one is right for you and your organization? And how do you choose?

Here, we’ll compare the two container data services layers side-by-side to clear up the confusion on the best storage solution for your company’s needs.

Ready for CNS or CRS?

CNS and CRS may sound alike but, in terms of management, they are radically different. It can be tricky to determine the best fit storage option for your company, but you can quickly settle on the best option by analyzing your priorities or terms.

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