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Can The CISO Lead The Customer To Safety And Security?

Our research has shown, and frankly all of us over the past two years have seen the IT executive clearly step to the forefront in the landscape of the most critical roles for enterprise success and transformation. From the beginning of the pandemic the CIO was the hero who got us safe and operational from our homes in a matter of days, to innovating new technologies for how to improve remote work, adding value to the volatile and ever-changing customer experience needs, and even engineering new technology-enabled business models. The roles of the CIO, CTO, CDO were prominent in all the research we did…but what about the CISO? Oh, yeah, that SURE is important, particularly today, more than ever! But they are like having insurance: we sure need it but we don’t talk about it over dinner much. But I started to ask if the future of security in a world of cyber hacking and, even, threatened cyber wars, brings the role of the CISO more to the forefront.

If we were writing a chapter on the role of security in the transformation journey, would it be only to point out the obvious foundational requirements at each and every juncture? Or is there something more? I reached out to Jerry Dixon, CISO of cybersecurity technology company, CrowdStrike, (who better to join efforts for such a question, right?) and we started asking just that question, just that way, “How is the role of the CISO emerging as more than just a foundational requirement, but instead as a driver of the transformation itself…?” What emerged surprised me, and I wanted to have you consider it as well. Would you believe that the ever-present public threat of cybersecurity has gotten to a level that in some sectors including retail, health care and financial services, customer safety and security has become a competitive advantage?

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