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B2B Trends: How Intent Data Can Boost Marketing Results

Expert B2B Marketing Tips For Getting More Out of First-Party Intent Data

B2B marketers have a data problem: there is too much of it and we don’t know how to suss out the important information from the noise. This is not a new problem, but the industry is eyeing a new potential solution: first party intent data.

First-party intent data, information that is shared directly between an individual and a brand, offers marketers the ability to assess interest in a solution with some level of certainty. Instead of estimating how likely a prospect is to convert, for example, we can directly ask them. Instead casting a wide net and hoping for the best, we can observe prospect behavior and signals and — with intent data in hand — weave an irresistible lure that lands a big account.

But before B2B marketers can realize the benefits of first-party intent data, they must ensure that their data house is in order. To find out how expert B2B marketers are approaching intent data within their organization, we held a webinar. Here’s what they, and the audience of B2B professionals, had to say.

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