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Future-Proofing Data Centers for the AI Era

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). As organizations embrace these transformative technologies, the need for efficient, scalable, and sustainable data center infrastructure has become paramount. According to McKinsey, a staggering 56% of companies have already incorporated AI into their business processes, more than […]

5 steps to improve developer efficiency in a cloud native world

You’ve taken the leap. Now make the most of it. Virtually everyone now agrees that cloud native is the architecture of choice for building and deploying modern applications, with 91% of enterprises saying they’ll increase spending on technology supporting cloud native app development over the next 12-18 months Download 5 steps to improve developer efficiency […]

Revolutionizing Observability with Chronosphere: A Comparative Analysis with Datadog

In the rapidly evolving landscape of observability, organizations often face challenges with high data volumes, cost unpredictability, and limited control over data. Datadog, while comprehensive, can fall short in addressing these issues effectively. Chronosphere emerges as a powerful alternative, with its unique Control Plane capabilities and its predictable and fair pricing philosophy. This ebook provides […]

Becoming Benchmark Ready at Fairfield County School District

Learn how Fairfield County adopted data informed instruction, trained their staff on interpreting data reports, and became a state leader in assessment and curriculum map development with the right people, program, and Mastery by Instructure. Fairfield County is a rural district in South Carolina situated between the capital of Columbia and Charlotte, North Carolina, committed […]

CIO Guide: 4 steps to a risk-free cloud migration

Cloud technologies, and cloud telephony specifically, have matured greatly—richer functionalities, stronger security, better uptime, and enhancements to user experiences. The result is a market in transition, with businesses moving from data centers to the cloud at a rapid pace.

Operationalizing Pentesting 101: Securing Your External Attack Surface

Security leaders are on high alert. From Russian cyber threats to proliferating malware, there’s a wide spectrum of new challenges in critical infrastructure. Join a talk with Synack’s CEO, Jay Kaplan, and Kevin Tambascio, IT/OT Attack Surface Reduction Manager at Cleveland Clinic as they discuss best practices for operationalizing pentesting. From on-demand security testing to […]

Utiliser les données pour alimenter la transformation numérique

Quest est un fournisseur mondial de 130 000 entreprises dans 100 pays, dont 95 % des sociétés Fortune 500 et 90 % des sociétés Global 1000. Depuis 1987, nous avons construit un portefeuille d’outils logiciels de gestion de bases de données qui vous aident à gérer, surveiller et déplacer vos données. données dans des environnements […]