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2024 Guide to transportation management

Uber Freight is thrilled to announce our latest resource designed to revolutionize the way you approach transportation management in 2024 – the 2024 Guide to transportation management. Back by popular demand, we’ve updated this comprehensive guide with the latest insights, strategies, and best practices to streamline your transportation processes and drive efficiency. This interactive experience […]

Ready, set, go: How to start preparing now for the market turn

The pace of change is accelerating, uncertainty is a given, and unpredictable events have become commonplace. In response to this volitivity, the transportation market and shipping rates have experienced some significant ebbs and flows over the past several years. No one can predict exactly when the market is going to turn, but history tells us […]

Meet CX challenges with DX excellence

Taking a digital-first approach to your business’s CX strategy is crucial to meeting elevated customer needs and driving ultimate satisfaction at every journey touchpoint. A first-rate digital experience (DX) strategy will help you get customer interactions right the first time, every time. Read the new NICE special edition eBook, Digital Experience (DX) For Dummies, NICE […]

Drive loyalty with Voice of the Customer insights from digital self-service channels

Customers demand self-service options. With agents speaking to fewer customers, how can you create an effective Voice of the Customer (VoC) program? This eBook explores how to develop a successful VoC strategy in the world of self-directed digital experiences. With the actionable insights in this eBook, you can: Surpass CX expectations with VoC data.

Less stress, more success: Leverage AI for happier agents

AI solutions are currently transforming the contact center industry. NICE and CMSWire Insights partnered to survey contact center supervisors and agents from EMEA, India, and the United States. This report delves into how investing in AI that simultaneously addresses complexity and stress will make everyone’s contact center jobs better. Gain essential insights from this report, […]

Accelerate Sales and Revenue with Dynamics 365

Get more on clientpapers.com To accelerate sales and drive revenue, sales leaders must simplify life for their sales teams and equip them with AI-powered tools necessary to increase close rates, improve efficiency and boost collaboration. As consumer buying habits continue to shift, Dynamics 365 empowers sales leaders with a unified solution to understand and effectively […]

The TMS advantage: 10 ways logistics leaders can enhance operational performance

A transportation management system (TMS) can streamline complex logistics operations across every possible mode and region. In an era where efficiency and precision are paramount, transportation management systems (TMS) have emerged as the driving force behind operational excellence in the logistics industry. This comprehensive guide provides insights, strategies, and practical tips aimed at leveraging the […]

Be the employer of choice: How agent feedback fosters purpose

Inspired, empowered agents are more valuable than you think to customer satisfaction scores, and your standing as an employer. But how do you know how they feel? Access this expert insight to learn how agent feedback directly influences CX, including: Get the detailed guide to cultivating agent purpose. Download Be the employer of choice: How […]