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Five common Data Security Pitfalls

Is your data security practice all that it should be? This ebook looks at five of the most prevalent and avoidable data security missteps organizations are making today, and how these “common pitfalls” can result in potentially disastrous attacks. Download Five common data security pitfalls Whitepaper

Efficient and resilient data protection with Quest Qorestor and Veeam backup & replication

Abstract This ESG Technical Review documents the detailed evaluation of Quest QoreStor with Veeam. ESG evaluated how the Quest QoreStor solution provides easy installation and management, cyber resiliency, and enhanced performance. The Challenges ESG market research reveals that modern organizations view IT downtime from at least two different perspectives—time, and business—and involve factors such as […]

5 Steps To Reduce the Web of Uncertainty in Third-Party Risk Management

THE COMMON APPROACH TO TPRM IS BROKEN, A FRESH TAKE IS NEEDED Businesses around the globe need to consider a systematic and digital-first approach to third-party risk management (TPRM) to catalog, classify and manage all third-party relationships across the organization. Only when you’re able to identify and mitigate risk throughout the lifecycle of the relationship […]

Forget HDDs and SSDs, DNA storage could be the only answer to our data troubles

A new report has shed light on the extent of the dilemma facing organizations as the demand for data storage capacity continues to skyrocket. Published jointly by Fujitsu and Twist Bioscience, both of which operate in the archival storage market, the report(opens in new tab) predicts the gap between available storage capacity and demand will […]

HCLS/2020 cost of Data Breach Study: global overview

How much could a data breach cost your business? The Cost of a Data Breach Report offers a detailed investigation of factors that influence financial impacts to organizations. Discover what security measures can mitigate costs, based on analysis of over 500 real security incidents. * Understand cost mitigation effects of security automation and incident response […]

Use the Data Security Governance framework to balance Business needs and risks

Considered a data security gold standard, Gartner’s Data Security Governance Framework recommends that data governance, compliance, and security be effectively unified. Read this report to dive into best practices and steps you can take to help your organization achieve a comprehensive data security posture. Download Use the data security governance framework to balance business needs […]